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Contract Disputes

Contracts underpin every company and many business transactions, creating a framework for successful business operations. When one party fails to comply with the terms of an agreement, or a dispute arises over the enforceability of an agreement, the company's financial stability may be in jeopardy.

At The Kratzig Law Firm, we provide prompt, comprehensive and effective legal counsel and representation for Texas corporations that have high-end contract disputes. Paul Kratzig, has a keen understanding of commercial litigation strategies and a well-founded reputation for successfully advocating for his client's best interests.

Cases frequently involve disputes over:

  • Business contracts
  • Vendor contracts
  • Noncompete agreements
  • Nondisclosure agreements
  • Partnership and shareholder agreements
  • Commercial lease agreements
  • Sales or service contracts
  • Theft of trade secrets

Striving To Mitigate The Negative Effect On A Client's Bottom Line

Our law firm typically handles breach of contract disputes of significant amounts. Regardless of the stakes, however, Mr. Kratzig places a strong emphasis on minimizing the financial impact on his clients. Consideration is always given to avoidance of litigation costs, if practical, by case resolution before a lawsuit, thereby mitigating the cost and time involved.

In some situations, however, litigation is unavoidable. In these cases, Mr. Kratzig has the trial experience necessary to craft a meticulous and intelligent litigation strategy. Clients also appreciate the fact that he is accessible and available, keeping them informed of case developments and providing genuine client service.

To schedule a consultation about any type of contract dispute, contact The Kratzig Law Firm in Corpus Christi at 361-888-5564.

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