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Oil & Gas Civil Litigation

Oil and Gas Litigation Attorney-Corpus Christi, The Gulf Coast, and South Texas

Paul G. Kratzig, is a lawyer with extensive experience in many practical aspects of oil and gas exploration and development. He combines an understanding of practical oil and gas field issues with knowledge of the legal issues. He understands the language of the "oil patch" and the importance of resolving disputes efficiently and effectively. If such disputes cannot be resolved, however, without the intervention of the court or an arbitrator, Paul understands how to handle the ensuing legal battle.

Paul Kratzig has the in-depth experience that enables him to handle a large range of oil and gas disputes- disputes involving leases, joint operating agreements, well control or blowout problems, bad faith drainage, easments/rights-of-way, and surface damage issues.

The firm's clients include exploration and development companies, working interest owners, operators, service companies, royalty owners, mineral owners, and surface owners.

Mr. Kratzig receives many of his clients from other firms in need of assistance. If you are a drilling company or operator whose work has been disrupted because of an uncooperative landowner, he can help you protect your rights. If you are a landowner who has experienced damage to your land because of the negligence of an oil or gas company, Mr. Kratzig can fight for the safety and security of your property. If you are a mineral owner who has reason to believe that a lease has terminated, then he can provide the analysis needed to verify the facts and take the action required to resolve the issue.

Mr. Kratzig invites you to contact his firm today to schedule a consultation.

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