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Medicare And Medicaid Fraud

The Kratzig Law Firm represents medical professionals and providers throughout Texas who are facing allegations of False Claims Act violations, Medicare fraud, Medicaid fraud, mail fraud and/or wire fraud and related matters

Attorney Paul Kratzig began his career as a Special Attorney in the U.S. Department of Justice's Organized Crime and Racketeering Section, and he has maintained a private practice on the side of defendants since the 1970s. He brings experience and detailed legal knowledge to the aid of clients facing white collar crime charges.

Even Highly Ethical Providers Can Be Charged With Making False Claims

Physicians, hospitals, medical equipment providers and all other U.S. health care providers who receive payment from Medicare or Medicaid are subject to strict federal regulations. Every claim must match services with codes, and the description of services related to the codes may change.

For instance, a qualified technician for certain procedures may have previously required only on-the-job training, but the law and related regulations pertaining to billing may have changed. The same technician who possesses significant qualifications working under licensed physicians may now be required to have a special license. If the doctor bills Medicare the same way he or she always did, it may be considered a false claim because the technician does not actually have the license that matches the billing code — even though the use of such technicians under the supervision of a physician has been an accepted practice for years and may not even be required in other states.

Thus, many highly qualified, highly ethical doctors and other health care providers of services and products (ranging from medical equipment to home health care providers) may find themselves under investigation by federal and state agents, including the FBI, and in danger of criminal and/or civil penalties.

Our firm's record of notable results includes, among others, a two-week trial in the U.S. District Court, Corpus Christi Division of the Southern District of Texas, involving the defense of a client charged with conspiring to defraud several health care programs (including Medicaid and Medicare) and allegations of mail fraud relative to an insurance company's benefits program. This client was one of four individuals facing a 20-count indictment. Mr. Kratzig's client was found not guilty on all counts.

In other situations, investigation and negotiation with government representatives have spared clients the distress and hardship of indictment and trial.

Learn more about The Kratzig Law Firm and our experience in health care fraud cases by scheduling a consultation with our lawyer. Contact us at 361-888-5564.

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*United States of America v. Eleazar (Eli) Garcia, et al., Cause No. C-09-236 (SS) (4)

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